smartConnect : IT Outsourcing for Small Business

Comprehensive, fully managed IT services to increase connectivity, security, recoverability, and business growth.


Quarterly IT reviews to reduce risk and increase productivity

Expert recommendations are prepared and reviewed quarterly


Security & Recovery Solutions based on the NIST 800-171 framework keep IT protected


Network management services ensure availability, resiliency, and the ability to work anywhere, anytime

NOC services, hybrid and private cloud offerings, Office 365 capabilites -- all designed to keep you team connected


Our agile support team excels at resolving simple and complex IT infrastructure issues, 24x7

24x7 support and help desk representatives ready to assist your team with your IT needs.

smartConnect provides a complete, outsourced IT solution for your business

Skip hiring, training, and promoting new IT resources, let smartConnect give you a full IT team with engineers of all skills.

AllConnected’s smartConnect is a comprehensive IT support service. Our consultative approach, based on a 7-layer NIST CyberSecurity framework, provides security software, 24×7 monitoring, remediation, patch management, cloud backup and recovery, and help desk support. A dedicated Technical Account Manager ensures that your IT supports your business strategy & growth goals. Combined with our Private/Hybrid cloud services, smartConnect delivers you IT support and security for emerging and small businesses.

Benefits of smartConnect

Total IT Partner

AllConnected is an extension of your team to deliver you an inclusive IT support and security service. Your Technical Account Manager will focus on your IT infrastructure, security, and data recovery needs. With our 24×7 monitoring, local and remote helpdesk services for all your productivity needs.

smartConnect Recurring Maintenance

Your managed IT solution includes 24×7 Monitoring of Systems, Network, and Data Center with regular patching, Quarterly LifeCycle Planning, Asset inventory, and more.

Monitoring, Alerting and Remediation

ACI performs 24x7 monitoring on all protected devices. During their shift the NOC team will be alerted of trends that may be negatively impacting your network and work towards a solution. Critical Issues are escalated to our NOC 24x7

Routine Maintenance

Your monitoring and maintenance solution is configured according to best practices. We have developed and continually update our comprehensive set of policies covering proper support and maintenance such as: threshold monitoring of CPUs disk-space, RAID arrays and more.

Support Contract Management

To maximize a stable network we may recommend the replacement of critical items to mitigate high-risk vulnerabilities or unstable devices in your network. Any new upgrades, installations or other changes to your environment need to be coordinated with our service desk to ensure we are aware of approved changes to your environment.

Technical Review, Reporting and Planning

ACI performs 24x7 monitoring on all protected devices. During their shift the NOC team will be alerted of trends that may be negatively impacting your network and work towards a solution. Critical Issues are escalated to our NOC 24x7

Veeam Cloud Connect Support

24x7 Availability for ACI customers with our hosted Cloud Connect replication and back up services for Veeam product and service related issues.

Professional Services

Our staff is available to review your environment and make recommendations that help to keep your environment performing well, secured properly and scalable.

Managed Back-Up Solution Design

Your smartConnect IT management includes tailored backup and Disaster Recovery services for your organization.

Why Disaster Recovery?

Unsurvivable Downtime

A 2007 University of Texas study showed that 43% of businesses that suffer major data loss never reopen. Companies unable to resume operations within ten days are not likely to survive.


A different organization gets attacked by ransomware every 14 seconds! By 2021, the annual cost to the global economy may reach $6 trillion!

Data Crashes

Whether the network fails by spilled coffee, a bad patch update, or a corrupted hard drive, the result is the same: the potential permanent loss of your data

Audits, Regulations, and Taxes

The IRS and regulatory commissions have no patience for excuses. Businesses must be compliant, archiving data for an extended period of time

Duplicating Work

Even a minor data loss may impact not only your labor costs but also your brand in the marketplace. Your customers won’t stay if your infrastructure can’t consistently solve their problems.

People, Process, Technology

Expert Architects

We are assessment-based and build an IT solution specifically for your business, so our expert team will help you determine the best DRP for you and help implement the necessary infrastructure to deliver it.

Tested Recovery

We follow the 3-2-1 rule to ensure your data is recoverable in the event of a disaster, and we will emulate real-world scenarios to test the recovery plan we help you set up.

Trusted Partners

We work with companies like Microsoft Azure and Veeam to provide storage and data recovery services to our clients, and we are part of the wide-reaching TrustXAlliance, giving us access to IT professionals and experts across the nation. Together, we’ll find the right cloud solution for your company and deliver it to you.  

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