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Ensure your business’ disaster recover plans include:

meeting goal RTO/RPO, staying secure, and passing regular testing

recoverConnect Availability

RTO (Recovery Time Objective)
VM and application recoverability; Fully-hydrated offsite VMs for Instant Recovery; Tailored access and database solutions supporting recovery in <15 minutes; Repeated testing and runbook maintenance; Guaranteed, orchestrated recovery.

recoverConnect Backup

RPO (Recovery Point Objective)
Offsite data protection; Encrypted in-transit and at rest; FIPS 140-2 compliant; Air gap protection; ACI recovery support

Backup Does Not Equal Recovery

Recovery can be complex and any statements of recovery in less than 15 minutes should be fully validated. Confidence to meet your organizations RTO objective require testing applications by your most valued and productive users. We designed successful solutions around application dependencies, network, security and remote access requirements. AllConnected is not another data center or self-managed backup service. We provide technically sound recovery solutions, ensuring that they are tested regularly, delivering you validated confidence, and preparing IT for survival. 

Tested and Proven Disaster Recovery Services

IT environments and teams change, and as they do, the likelihood you can recover within your defined RPO & RTO will be affected.  The more regular testing is done, the more familiar your team will be with the procedures.  AllConnected’s Disaster Recovery Experts work with your team to fully test your managed DRaaS plan at least once a year. AllConnected’s recoverConnect co-managed, secure, and comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution includes 5 key stages: Planning, Deployment, Orchestration, Documentation, and Testing. Our priority is to ensure that every client has an up-to-date, annually tested plan. Each plan is designed to meet the RTO/RPO objectives of the organization’s stakeholders.  Our DRaaS solutions can also be combined with Cloud Backup services to provide a hybrid, cost effective approach to recovery. 

recoverConnect is a cloud-based replication, backup and recovery solution designed to meet your organization’s RPO, RTO, and retention requirements.

We Effectively:

Backup data and applications to a secure, cloud-based depository. 

Establish processes to air-gap your backups for higher security and data integrity.  

Develop a DR Runbook tailored to your organization’s needs.

Perform annual DR testing to ensure recoverability in the event of a crisis.

recoverConnect seamlessly integrates with our webConnect business continuity services that enable you to securely run your business even when your primary site becomes unavailable.   

Your Co-Managed, Secure, and Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution Includes 5 Key Stages: 

  1. Planning
  2. Deployment
  3. Orchestration
  4. Documentation
  5. Testing


Our priority is to ensure that your organization’s data is secureThat requires high-availability cloud backup with an up-to-date, annually tested plan.

Learn more about our Availability Assessment, which can help your organization prevent data loss, determine requirements for on-premise and cloud based recovery, and ensure each critical application can be securely accessed in the event of a disaster. Does recoverConnect sound right for your organization?

Why Disaster Recovery?

Unsurvivable Downtime

A 2007 University of Texas study showed that 43% of businesses that suffer major data loss never reopen. Companies unable to resume operations within ten days are not likely to survive.


A different organization gets attacked by ransomware every 14 seconds! By 2021, the annual cost to the global economy may reach $6 trillion!

Data Crashes

Whether the network fails by spilled coffee, a bad patch update, or a corrupted hard drive, the result is the same: the potential permanent loss of your data

Audits, Regulations, and Taxes

The IRS and regulatory commissions have no patience for excuses. Businesses must be compliant, archiving data for an extended period of time

Duplicating Work

Even a minor data loss may impact not only your labor costs but also your brand in the marketplace. Your customers won’t stay if your infrastructure can’t consistently solve their problems.

"Our goal is to TEST at least one client recovery plan every day."​
Alan McDonald
CEO and President, AllConnected

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People, Process, Technology

Expert Architects

The backbone to our recoverConnect services is our people. We deliver Veeam Architects, L1 to L3 engineers with a passion for learning, ensuring we maintain expertise relevant to our clients. Whether you take advantage of our remediation assistance, project design, or support augmentation, we know every interaction gives our clients a reason to choose AllConnected.  

Fully Managed DRaaS

  • Tailored DRaaS (AllConnected Managed Backup, DR and Availability) 
  • DRaaS Essentials (Co-Managed Backup, DR and Availability) 
  • SecureBackup (self-managed backup) 
  • Virtual NOC – providing 24×7 monitoring, patch management, and troubleshooting 
  • Private/Hybrid Cloud 
  • Cloud Backup 
  • Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) 
  • Help Desk Support 
  • High Quality Vendors and a trusted network of partners to provide the resources you need 

Trusted Partners

We work with companies like Microsoft Azure and Veeam to provide storage and data recovery services to our clients, and we are part of the wide-reaching TrustXAlliance, giving us access to IT professionals and experts across the nation. Together, we’ll find the right cloud solution for your company and deliver it to you.  

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