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AllConnected and Kosh Partner Photo Covid-19 Safety: Koert Council, Travis Alsup, Alan McDonald, Gavin Zimmer

Growing a Trusted Partnership: AllConnected and Kosh Solutions

Through the Trust X Alliance, AllConnected has partnered with Kosh Solutions to improve recovery operations for Kosh clients. A new Veeam-powered capability has been added for Kosh through AllConnected, allowing the two companies to work together to provide Kosh clients with disaster recovery planning, deliver backup and DRaaS for those clients with quarterly or annual validation, and address additional layers within the NIST cybersecurity framework by working with a Recovery Operations Center.

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male hacker with anonymous clown mask in hoodie on laptop

Ransomware Update 2021

Everyone agrees that 2020 was a challenging year. It is also considered the worst year ever for ransomware. The US public sector was hit hardest, with 2,354 government, healthcare, and educational institutions compared to 1,300 private organizations, costing an estimated $20 Billion in payouts.

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Safeguarding Taxpayer Data Webinar

The Safeguards Rule requires companies to develop a written information security plan that describes their program to protect customer information. Prepare with AllConnected’s Safeguarding Taxpayer Data Webinar…

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The Way We Work in 2021: Stay Secure, Build Success

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic triggered mass transitions to work-from-home setups, rather than on-premise offices and conference rooms. Working remotely became the new normal for many businesses, and those that were prepared to make the adjustment thrived during the unprecedented circumstances; those that were unprepared spent a lot of time and resources coming up with a way to continue operations remotely. It may have been easier for them and their entire team if they had a business continuity plan already in place for just that kind of disaster.

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