NOC (Network Operations Center)

Stop Monitoring Your Organization’s IT Infrastructure 24/7 on Your Own, and Get Some Sleep

Reduce overhead costs and benefit from economies of scale by outsourcing your Network management to a virtual Network Operations Center (NOC).

What is a NOC?

A Network Operations Center (NOC) supervises, monitors, and maintains client networks and infrastructure. Network operations analysts and engineers use remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to provide 24x7x365 management of your organization’s networks, servers, databases, firewalls, devices, and digital services, whether on-premise or in the cloud systems.

NOC teams typically handle the following challenges:

Power Failure

Router Monitoring

Failure of Networks

Performance Optimization

Network Devices

Virus Issues

Server Failure

Troubleshooting Issues

Monitoring of Servers

Monitoring Networks

Help Desk

Firewall Management

Patch Management

Incident Response


Site-to-Site DR Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s businesses. From the new challenges transitioning to a remote-work model to improving IT security, a strong NOC team can keep your business on track.

AllConnected has 20+ years of experience in Network operations for a variety of industries.

Our primary tools include: RMM, allowing us to monitor, create alerts, escalate, and ensure network availability for all our clients; and Auvik tools for deeper Network management analysis and insights

Three Things to Consider When Evaluating NOC Services

System Visibility

NOC engineers and analysts need to access a variety of systems, both in the cloud, and on-premise.

What they can’t see, they can’t support.

System-wide visibility enables them to quickly assess events and direct resources to solve problems. They depend on reliable remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to maintain that visibility. Make sure your NOC services provider has a solid track record of implementing and maintaining RMM tools.

System Access

Each system has unique access requirements and constraints, so NOC engineers must be able to not only see, but switch to, login, and troubleshoot assets without sending IT team members to the physical device.


NOC teams need the ability to quickly understand system state across the clients’ distributed landscape without struggling with system access. Make sure your NOC services provider is familiar with your organization’s infrastructure, and supports your efforts to improve IT security even in a distributed environment.

Mobilizing Response Teams

When complex issues arise, it’s essential for NOC engineers to reach the right people at the right time to mobilize a response.

This requires effective alert processes to maximize your network uptime.

Effective communication can be challenging when working remotely in rapidly changing organizations. Make sure your NOC services provider uses remote productivity tools for chat and video conferencing to make communication faster and easier. Make sure they support your efforts to keep your organization’s processes and Runbooks up-to-date.

The AllConnected Advantage

AllConnected drives client value by sharing our experiences and best practices learned from thousands of implementations, upgrades and orchestrating efforts focused on improving security on every level of technology (the edge, end points, LAN infrastructure, operating systems, security tools, regulatory compliance, etc.). AllConnected’s teams of experts can help you identify the ways these solutions can best help you reach your business goals.

  • Breach prevention and advanced security
  • Comprehensive network visibility
  • Flexible management and deployment options
  • Fastest time to detection
  • Automation and product integrations


We manage IT operations through a host of managed services solutions, including service desk support, incident management, vendor management, alerting and reporting, product and lifecycle management, and more.

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