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AllConnected and Kosh Partner Photo Covid-19 Safety: Koert Council, Travis Alsup, Alan McDonald, Gavin Zimmer

Growing a Trusted Partnership: AllConnected and Kosh Solutions

Through the Trust X Alliance, AllConnected has partnered with Kosh Solutions to improve recovery operations for Kosh clients. A new Veeam-powered capability has been added for Kosh through AllConnected, allowing the two companies to work together to provide Kosh clients with disaster recovery planning, deliver backup and DRaaS for those clients with quarterly or annual validation, and address additional layers within the NIST cybersecurity framework by working with a Recovery Operations Center.

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Perch Security MDR

AllConnected Develops MDR Service with Perch Partnership

AllConnected will partner with Perch Security, a 24×7 co-managed threat detection and response platform backed by an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) and comprehensive SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) service.

AllConnected MDR will be able to detect breaches sooner, enabling engineers to respond and remediate quickly.

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Cisco Umbrella GIF with rain falling on umbrella

Cisco Umbrella: Your Cybersecurity Shield

Just as cybercriminals become more advanced with email spoofing, malware, and ransomware, your organization’s IT security must advance to defeat them.

You wouldn’t leave your business PC without Anti-virus software, but many businesses leave their email communications and Internet use to unsecured wi-fi and legacy firewalls.

Don’t be one of them.

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