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Simplify Compliance of New Security Requirement for CPA License

Now for 2020, the FTC Safeguards Rule requires every tax professional, whether you are a partner in a large firm or a sole practitioner, and every Authorized IRS e-File Provider, to create and enact security plans to protect client data.

The new IRS Form W-12: Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) for Application and Renewal now includes a legal requirement for data protection:

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Disaster Looms! Prepare your DR Runbook
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Top 10 IT DR Runbook Requirements

At the outset, your DR runbook should provide your organization a clear plan of action for recovering from a disaster.

Make sure to include screenshots, diagrams, graphs, and/or tables to support the written documentation.

While every organization is different the DR Runbook should include:

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Disaster Recovery

DRaaS: Misconceptions of Data Backup and Data Recovery

There are many players in the data protection, backup and recovery space, many who claim to provide a “DRaaS” service, but not many provide for all aspects you should expect in a Disaster Recovery Solution.

AllConnected believes you should have the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Regardless of what business you run, your Disaster Recovery plan begins with backup.

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Secure and Stabilize the #WFH experience for the Long Term

Your employees need executive leadership whether you’re in-office, on-the-road, or working-from-home. As you adapt to the new business environment and implement effective WFH communication, consider how a comprehensive WFH solution will drive productivity and satisfaction.

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Security Services

Employee Cyber Attack Readiness – WFH 8 Tips for Zero Trust

From an IT Security perspective, the term “social engineering” refers to cybercriminals using any number of psychological tricks to get users to perform actions (click on an email or link) or divulge personal or confidential information.

While technical hackers seek vulnerabilities in the networks or software, social engineering cybercriminals exploit an end user’s tendency to trust…

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Multi-factor authentication: something you know, something you are, something you have
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How Secure Is Your Multi-Factor Authentication?

Thanks to organizations like FIDO Alliance, authentication has become more sophisticated. Now, instead of yet another piece of information (like a pin or social security number), authentication is determined by the use of more than one factor, simply classified as “what you know”, “what you have,” or “what you are.

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Security Services

How to Prepare Your Organization to Fight Ransomware

The most common ransomware encrypts files, folders, or entire hard drive partitions using military-grade encryption algorithms like RSA or The most common ransomware encrypts files, folders, or entire hard drive partitions using military-grade encryption

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Keeping Remote Workers Secure and Productive

The outbreak of COVID-19 has kept most “non-essential” employees at home. So, consider the following steps to make sure your employees are both productive and secure working remotely. Our engineering team has assembled some important observations and recommendations below for your organization to ensure continuity of business operations with remote workers

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Regarding COVID-19 and AllConnected

As the situation with the spread of the COVID-19 disease continues to develop worldwide and in our community, our team at AllConnected is continuing to monitor the situation. As is likely the case in your business, we’ve made adjustments…

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