What is the Future of Learning for K-12?

Ensuring secure, policy-based connectivity is essential to protecting student privacy and improving collaboration between teachers and students. 

Working Closely with K-12 and Community Colleges

AllConnected specializes in K-20,  supporting and extending the expertise of your existing IT team to keep critical technology infrastructure maintained, available, and recoverable. 

Recommended Solutions for Education Industry


AllConnected's co-managed IT service stack for existing IT teams. Recommender solution for firms with an existing IT team

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AllConnected can help fill gaps such as Network Management, Data Center Management, or Systems Management. We can complement such manages services with our Advanced Security Services, or secureConnect service.
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AllConnected's cloud backup and data recover service

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Our co-managed, secure, and comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution includes 5 key stages: Planning, Deployment, Orchestration, Documentation, and Testing. We work with your team to fully test your managed DRaaS plan at least once a year.
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AllConnected's advanced security service *must be paired with one of our other solutions

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Designed for budget conscious organizations that need to meet compliance requirements, this advanced, proactive security service uses Advanced AI behavior analysis and SOC engineers to actively protect your data.
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supportConnect, recoverConnect, and secureConnect are all supplemental solutions to complement your existing IT infrastructure and team.

People, Process, Technology

Expert Architects

We are assessment-based and build an IT solution specifically for your business, so our expert team will help you determine the best DRP for you and help implement the necessary infrastructure to deliver it.

Tested Recovery

We follow the 3-2-1 rule to ensure your data is recoverable in the event of a disaster, and we will emulate real-world scenarios to test the recovery plan we help you set up.

Trusted Partners

We work with companies like Microsoft Azure and Veeam to provide storage and data recovery services to our clients, and we are part of the wide-reaching TrustXAlliance, giving us access to IT professionals and experts across the nation. Together, we’ll find the right cloud solution for your company and deliver it to you.  

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