secureConnect - Managed Detection & Response Solution

AllConnected’s secureConnect provides a solution 

to improve the detection and response to ever-present security threats.


Cybersecurity events
Sensors, a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) team, and appropriate activities to DETECT the occurrence of a cybersecurity event


Within hours of detection of an event
We RESPOND with activities, analysis, and expertise to take action and remediate the cybersecurity incident


After remediation
We TEST to ensure the remediation steps were properly implemented following the event

The game has changed beyond Ransomware ‘Spray and Pray’

Threat actors have realized that selectively targeting organizations have yielded potential windfalls – even if they have to do research on their targets. 

The Cybersecurity threat landscape has become much more sophisticated in recent years.  While proactive and defensive technologies help to protect critical network infrastructure and sensitive data sets, the NIST 800-171 cybersecurity framework outlines how organizations should Detect and Respond to breaches. 

Ransomware has become a sophisticated criminal businessRansomware as a Service (RaaS).  In this more recent evolution of Ransomware, Ransomware developers market their service (RaaS) to threat actors to apply as affiliates.  These new threat actors to use their own preferred tactics and skillset to plant ransomware and monetize the infiltration.   

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The Power of Many

Achieve the benefits of cost savings and responsiveness with outsourcing advanced security services.


Common Attack Vectors

Credential Stuffing

via Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP/VNC)


in Web Applications

Spear Phishing

or MalSpam via Human/Employee Assets

Need More Evidence?

Look at real-time cybersecurity threats globally

People, Process, Technology

AI and Engineers

Artificial Intelligence enables successful technology to advance security, but it is our people that improve the technology and deliver the results. With daily review, advances, and remediation our people execute to ensure you are secure and protected. 

We deliver L1 to Advanced Networking and Security engineers with a passion for learning, guaranteeing expertise relevant to our clients. Whether you take advantage of our remediation assistanceproject design, or support augmentation, we know every interaction gives our clients a reason to choose AllConnected. 

What We Do with Data

AllConnected’s secureConnect is an advanced, proactive security service designed for budget conscious organizations that need to meet compliance and expect engineers to be actively protecting your data. Beginning with our agents ingesting data from all your endpoints, our partner mines the data with artificial intelligence to abstract anomalies that are submitted into our ticketing platform. 

With co-managed clients we share the remediation efforts, and with our smaller clients upon reporting and remediation, we remove malicious activity. Through continuous system improvements we refine your security and invest time with you during our quarterly technical business reviews to improve your protection

Advanced Security Suite

AllConected’s security toolset combines our own processes with the advanced security products and services of our partnered vendors like Barracuda, Perch, Cisco AMP and more. 

While working with our team to protect your organization’s information, you won’t just be relying on AllConnected’s own capabilities, but also those of our extensive partner network, including other experts in the TrustX Alliance.

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