Growing a Trusted Partnership

Through the Trust X Alliance, AllConnected and Kosh Solutions developed a trusted, lasting business partnership to deliver DRaaS to more clients

Good partnerships are key to making your business more attractive to other potential partners as well as clients.

No one can be great at absolutely everything. This is a frustrating reality for many business owners. Nonetheless, it’s true that most businesses succeed when they find their niche, a narrowed area of expertise in which they are truly qualified to serve customers. 

For MSPs, it can be particularly frustrating to lack services that clients may expect you to offer. It can also be challenging to provide support to customers when they expect it if your company lacks expertise in a certain area. 

It’s in times like these it can be beneficial to partner with a similar business to fill in any service or product gaps that may exist within your offerings. 

Kosh Solutions is a leading MSP with locations throughout the Southwest. They provide managed IT, cloud, and cybersecurity services as well as continued support for their clients. 

AllConnected is an MSP based out of Simi Valley, CA, serving multiple counties in Southern California. 

Both companies are members of the Trust X Alliance, a network of MSPs connected through Ingram Micro’s channel partner community, and it didn’t take long before the two companies connected with each other and decided that working together to bring AllConnected’s proven disaster recovery services to Kosh Solutions’ clients. 

AllConnected and Kosh Solutions Partner Photo Covid-19 Safety 2: Koert Council, Travis Alsup, Alan McDonald, Gavin Zimmer
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There are 3 main advantages to developing a channel partnership to increase your service offerings.

Many MSPs are adapting to security threats and adding more value to their managed agreements, often partnering with another MSP to fill service delivery gaps. 

Through the Trust X Alliance, AllConnected has partnered with Kosh Solutions to improve recovery operations for Kosh clients. A new Veeam-powered capability has been added for Kosh through AllConnected, allowing the two companies to work together to provide Kosh clients with disaster recovery planning, deliver backup and DRaaS for those clients with quarterly or annual validation, and address additional layers within the NIST cybersecurity framework by working with a Recovery Operations Center.

The partnership has had three main benefits:

1) Both AllConnected and Kosh Solutions are Able to Focus on their Areas of Expertise

“In reality, in practice, you can’t be an expert at everything… but people have figured out different sectors, and they have figured out how to partner and how to make that cohesive picture. So, from a customer point of view it looks very very attractive and it takes care of every aspect, even though there’s an army of people behind it,” said Travis Alsup, CEO and President of Kosh Solutions.

Alsup sat down with AllConnected CEO Alan McDonald to discuss the advantages of partnering with another MSP, and he described his own logic behind bringing in partners to expand Kosh’s capabilities. 

“I call it a moat product,” he explained, “Kosh is like a castle, and competitors and life and everything is trying to attack our castle. I want to create a moat around my castle in the form of a moat of products.” 

The analogy describes Alsup’s belief that his clients have no reason not to select his company over a competitor if he can offer as many capabilities as a much larger company that handles everything in-house. Thanks to his partnership with AllConnected and other MSPs, he can. 

2) Kosh Solutions Now Has Expanded Service Offerings for its Sales Team to Discuss with Clients

Koert Council, Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing for Kosh Solutions, also sat down with AllConnected’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Gavin Zimmer, to discuss the benefits that the MSP partnership has provided for their sales teams. 

“With ransomware being able to infect backups […] backups, disaster recovery is at the top of the conversation for every client,” Council explained. He continued, “As a trusted service provider, we try to design solutions for our clients to reduce the risk factor, and part of that is a well-designed backup solution.”

This disaster recovery element has been bolstered for Kosh clients through the MSP’s partnership with AllConnected, leveraging it Recovery Operations Center to provide additional layers of protection for customers. 

“When we partner with [MSP partners] we can concentrate on what we do well, and we don’t have to try and do everything,” Council said, “When it comes to disaster recovery, that’s when we looked at Trust X and found AllConnected. Now [AllConnected] is our subject matter expert on disaster recovery. It adds confidence to our sales rep.” 

It’s important to form solid, trusted partnerships that, as Council mentioned, provide the same quality of service your clients are accustomed to.

3) Trust X Alliance Partnerships Come with an Inherent Level of Trust and Respect

Ingram’s Trust X Alliance has over 350 MSP member companies, forming a close network of MSP executives and experts in IT/managed services. While each company has their own unique areas of expertise, the value of having access to the knowledge bases and capabilities of other MSPs is is enormous. 

Learn more about the Trust X Alliance and partnering with AllConnected.


"I remember just talking with [Alan and Gavin] and just liking [them]. I could tell [they] were just good people that I could tell had a level of integrity and a level of competence [...] the thought is 'let Kosh focus on what Kosh does, and then let's partner with someone like AllConnected.'"
Travis Alsup, President and CEO of Kosh Solutions
Travis Alsup
CEO and President, Kosh Solutions
"There's a mutual respect there. You're not going to try to take business away from another Trust X partner [...] there's confidence when you work with another Trust X partner that they're going to have your best interest in mind."
Koert Council, Founder and VP Sales and Marketing, Kosh Solutions
Koert Council
Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing, Kosh Solutions

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