Security Awareness Training

Hackers understand that employees are often the weakest link in an organization’s security. That’s why 98% of cyber attacks rely on some type of social engineering, costing companies $billions every year. Level-up your employees’ skills and reduce the risk to your organization’s critical data with Security Awareness Training.

What Is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is the process of providing ongoing, structured cybersecurity education to your employees to protect themselves and your organization’s assets from loss or harm.

The training curriculum, typically online or computer-based, will cover a variety of IT security threats, both digital and physical, along with your company’s policies and procedures for addressing them.

Benefits of Security Awareness Training

Done right, security awareness training offers substantial benefits:

Security Awareness Training is an integral part of preserving your organization’s critical data, along with email and DNS filtering, multifactor authentication, and data backup.

Get started with IT Security Awareness Training

As part of your comprehensive IT security strategy, AllConnected uses Barracuda PhishLine, an email security awareness and phishing simulation solution designed to protect your organization against targeted phishing attacks.







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What Is Barracuda PhishLine

Barracuda PhishLine helps your business fight phishing and other social-engineering attacks by providing users with continuous simulation and training to understand the latest attack techniques, recognize subtle clues and help stop email fraud, data loss and brand damage.

PhishLine trains employees to understand the latest social engineering phishing techniques, recognize subtle phishing clues, and prevent email fraud, data loss, and brand damage.

As a long-time Barracuda partner, AllConnected can assist your organization in testing the ‘cyberattack readiness’ of your end-users and determining the best focus for your employee training.

In addition, we recommend the suite of industry-leading services to keep your IT environment safe, from Barracuda email filtering and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to Cisco Umbrella for DNS filtering, Cisco Duo for MFA and DRaaS solutions and managed services.

Barracuda PhishLine Training

Level-up your employees’ security awareness today.

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