Secure and Stabilize the #WFH Experience Within Your Business for the Long Term

Improve the collaborative experience when working from home, and secure and stabilize the #WFH environment for your team

In our changed world – where employees are sequestered, physically disconnected, and working remotely – that’s when they need a stable, secure and collaborative work environment the most. As Gartner indicated in a recent study of CFOs nationwide, 74% intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently, and that 41% of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time post Coronavirus pandemic.

But that’s also when collaborative leadership can be the most difficult – YOU are also working from home. The situation is not easy, but there are some simple strategies you can adopt to make it easier. In this blog, we’ll focus on two areas: (1) Quick tips on improving the Collaborative experience when working from home, and (2) Securing and Stabilizing the #WFH environment.

Your employees need to feel that you are present, accessible, and available, so when you are not in the building, your technology needs to keep you securely connected. At AllConnected, we can recommend several ways to make your work-from-home environment secure and productive.

Tips to Improve Collaboration when Managing Teams From Home

Strategies to Secure and Stabilize your Remote Workforce for the long term:

woman wfh setup with laptop and virtual meeting

Furniture and seating aside, your home office should be separate from your home distractions, free of clutter, and as much as possible, similar to your work office.

Your PC desktop, or laptop with docking station, should have the same applications and connect directly to your company network, the Internet and video services.

Try to maintain the same visual display as in-office setups to maintain productivity. If you use dual monitors in the office, set them up for the home office.

"Covid-19 taught us how important video meetings are for staying connected to our employees and clients. And it reminds us how managing our home office technology should be a priority. Adding the Z3 creates a quality of service at home that eliminates choppy audio with Teams meetings. I’m really excited AllConnected’s checklist gives us a methodology to ensure our employees and clients have what they need to be effective working from home"
Gavin Zimmer
VP Sales and Marketing, AllConnected


Your employees need executive leadership whether you’re in-office, on-the-road, or working-from-home. As you adapt to the new business environment and implement effective WFH communication, consider how a comprehensive WFH solution will drive productivity and satisfaction. Remember to include:


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