Secure Private and Hybrid Cloud

An Alternative to Upgrading Expensive On-Premise IT Hardware

Consider storing and accessing your data and programs on a secure, private internet connection for a low monthly rate

What is Hybrid/Private Cloud?

AllConnected’s Gavin Zimmer explains the essential differences between hybrid, private, and public cloud options. 

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Contact us to help you determine which cloud service is right for your business. AllConnected has 20 years of experience working with local businesses on their IT infrastructure needs.

Is Moving to the Cloud Right for Your Business?

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure services can expand or contract according to your data space and compute requirements so you can scale your business at the most efficient cost.  


The cloud enables many employees to access work resources from wherever they connect to the internet.


Cloud platforms include the latest IT security safeguards to keep your company data safe from hackers and malware.


Just like high-quality on-premise infrastructure, cloud servers offer high-availabilityhigh-performance, and low latency


Cloud technology is constantly improving without any drain on your IT resources.


Cloud service providers offer a variety of data and analytics tools to help you optimize your IT environment, solve problems faster and build better products.

Cloud Options

Private Cloud

A private cloud is “a form of cloud computing that is used by only one organization, or that ensures that an organization is completely isolated from others.”  This option enables your company to have greater control over your environment, from storage size, to CPU, RAM, etc., so that even legacy applications that fail on many public cloud options can be configured to run effectively.


Private cloud security is superior because your company won’t share server space, and access to your resources runs through private and secure network links, rather than through the public internet. Plus, if your industry requires HIPAA, PCI or other regulatory compliant hosting, the private cloud is the only way to go. The private cloud environment will not only save money over a traditional on-premise environment, but also, depending on your organization’s needs, you may find it costs less than the public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud combines either on-premises infrastructure with cloud services, or combines private and public cloud services. This arrangement enables your internal IT to manage and optimize your system operations with more flexibility.


Hybrid Cloud is also important for highly regulated industries, where data residency requirements may mandate certain data set be kept on-premises, while other workloads can reside in the public cloud.

Public Cloud

As defined by Gartner, a public cloud is “a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are provided as a service to external customers using Internet technologies.” In other words, multiple organizations share space on the same physical server, accessed over the internet.


Companies choose a public cloud option for the cheap price, but since resources are shared, options are limited, performance may fluctuate, and the environment may not be as secure as a private cloud.

What Cloud Services Do You Need?

Your cloud computing “stack” may include any or all of the 3 primary “as a Service” offerings: 

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Includes servers and virtual machines (VMs), storage, networks, operating systems 
  • Platform as a service (PaaS): on-demand developer environment for developing, testing, delivering, and managing web or mobile software applications 
  • Software as a service (SaaS): host and manage software applications over the Internet 

Need help Choosing your Next Cloud Service Provider?

Contact us to help you determine which cloud service is right for your business. AllConnected has 20 years of experience working with local businesses on their IT infrastructure needs.

AllConnected Offers and Supports the Following Cloud Solutions

webConnect by AllConnected, IaaS hybrid and private cloud services


  • Local, Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Geo-redundant and validated DR Solution with Data Centers in Ventura County and Las Vegas
  • Secure, cost-effective IT Infrastructure and compute services
  • Predictable, Fixed Costs
  • Flexible customer requirements
  • Cisco, VMware, Nimble Powered

Microsoft Azure

  • Global scalability
  • Broad Feature Set
  • Secure, cost-effective IT Infrastructure and compute services
  • Variable Cost based on Consumption
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