AllConnected Expands Barracuda Relationship for Comprehensive Email Security Service

AllConnected has included additional layers of email security into selected managed services for years to ensure on-premise Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365 clients are protected. However, as the global security climate continues to change, additional precautions have become necessary to prevent todays greatest email borne threats and risks to continuity of communication.

And… To address these risks, AllConnected has entered into an expanded partnership with Barracuda to provide Barracuda Essentials, a comprehensive suite of services for protecting business emails and data in Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G Suite.

"It’s a big change for our customers. Our clients were very happy with our Email Security Gateway, which we ran through our datacenters, but by switching everyone to Essentials, they not only retain Email Security, they also reduce their risk with advanced threat protection, email continuity, and other features on a per-user basis.”
Ross Powers
Ross Powers
AllConnected Technical Account Manager/Project Manager

Specific add-ons include:

Microsoft also offers backup and archiving services, but as Ross explains: “Purchasing some of these through Microsoft may require clients to upgrade their Office 365 plans. Now they don’t have to. We can offer them a la carte for their particular needs at a lower monthly price.”

Compare the Standard Microsoft 365 Plan with AllConnected’s Comprehensive Email Security

Microsoft 365 Business - Standard ACI/Barracuda Comprehensive Email Security
Secure Cloud Gateway
Inbound/Outbound Security
Advanced Threat Protection
Encryption and data loss prevention
Email Continuity
Cloud-to-Cloud backupAdditional cost
LDAP/Azure AD Integration
Inbox Defense
AI-based blocking of Social Engineering
Account takeover protection
DMARC reporting
User Security Awareness
Phishing similation and trainingAdditional Cost
Multi-vector SMS and voicemail campaigns
Risk assessment reporting
Forensics and Incident Response
Insights on delivered email
Automated removal of malicious emails from inboxes

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