webConnect - IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service ) Delivered Locally, Securely, and Reliably

 IaaS delivers high availability, performance, and security at a reasonable fixed price

Replace or Extend Your IT Infrastructure Systems

webConnect provides private and hybrid cloud services for your organization
We tailor IT Infrastructure systems and services to align with your organization needs and budget. By leveraging private and hybrid cloud services, you can focus on business outcomes and less on technology maintenance, support, and replacement. With our fixed price private cloud offering, eliminate expensive usage bills and receive a guaranteed monthly price and performance.

Simplify Compliance

With AllConnected, you meet your compliance goals
Maintaining IT compliance requires consistent management of your IT processes, tricky firmware updates that can cause significant downtime, and time-consuming repetitive reporting. AllConnected economies of scale creates efficiency with Cisco updates and ensures success. Along with our Quarterly Technical Business Reviews, you have all the documentation needed to simplify your compliance reports.

For each protected system, webConnect provides 24x7 monitoring and updates including: 

  • Advanced security patching for Cisco servers, networks, storage, and Hypervisors 
  • Advanced Nimble storage systems for fast performance requirements 
  • Advanced L1-L3 remediation and support 
  • Scalability for increases and decreases to your applications 
  • Geo-Redundant and Validated DR Solution with data centers in Simi Valley, Las Vegas, and East Coast 
  • Dark Fiber connectivity between your office and AllConnected for low latency and high performance 

Private and Hybrid Cloud Services for Your Organization

Focus more on business outcomes and less on technology maintenance, support, and replacement. 

Thinking about upgrading your systems, or creating a Work From Home (WFH) solution? Does webConnect sound right for your organization?

webConnect Provides Peace of Mind in...


Virtual Microsoft Windows Servers and PC’s delivered through Cisco Advanced Datacenter and Networking, HPE Nimble Storage, and VMware

Virtual NOC

providing 24x7 monitoring, patch management, and troubleshooting


Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery enhanced with Veeam and multi-cloud datacenters

AllConnected invests

in both our people and the most advanced technologies
AllConected also has over 20 years in partnerships to ensure we successfully manage future performance and security.
"Our goal is to TEST at least one client recovery plan every day."​
Alan McDonald
CEO and President, AllConnected

Help Desk Support

from our reliable team of local experts.


We work to move you toward regulatory compliance and possess an expertise for industry regulations including HIPAA, FINRA and others.

People, Process, Technology

L1 to L3 Engineers

The backbone to our webConnect services is our people. We deliver L1 to L3 engineers with a passion for learning, ensuring we maintain expertise relevant to our clients. Whether you take advantage of our remediation assistance, project design, or support augmentation, we know every interaction gives our clients a reason to choose AllConnected.  

Tested Recovery

AllConnected’s webConnect is a private, secure, high availability, high performance, multi-cloud datacenter with business continuity services. We work off the 7-layer NIST cybersecurity framework and make sure your data is backup up, prepared for any kind of disaster, and as protected from malicious attacks or system failures as possible. Not only do we deliver this comprehensive solution, but we also test it regularly to make sure you are prepared to recover your data and your business should anything go wrong. We will help you prevent data breaches, downtime, and data loss all while keeping your team connected. 

Tailored Solution

AllConnected’s webConnect is ideal for small/medium organizations because it provides fully managed IT solution with high availability and security. You can reduce your capital costs and budget a fixed monthly operational expense with peace of mind. Together, we’ll find the right cloud solution for your company and deliver it to you.  

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