The Way We Work Continues to Change in 2021

Find an IT Partner that Knows Your Business and Can Help You Succeed and Stay More Secure in the New Year.

Every growing business in 2021 must consider IT challenges that impact key areas of their work such as connectivity, productivity, security, and the potential for additional growth. These challenges have existed for decades, but the last year has really put IT at the forefront of many business’ operations.  

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic triggered mass transitions to work-from-home setups, rather than on-premise offices and conference rooms. Working remotely became the new normal for many businesses, and those that were prepared to make the adjustment thrived during the unprecedented circumstances; those that were unprepared spent a lot of time and resources coming up with a way to continue operations remotely. It may have been easier for them and their entire team if they had a business continuity plan already in place for just that kind of disaster.  


4 in 10 workers are working remotely as a result of the pandemic...

according to a survey from the PEW Research Center

More than 6 in 10 workers are working from home at least some of the time...

according to another survey from Clutch

Partnering with a managed service provider, especially one that prioritizes business continuity and disaster recovery planning, can put your business in a more secure situation should a disaster like the Covid-19 pandemic – or an earthquake, fire, or other issue – make your primary location inoperable.  

Even setting the importance of remote capabilities and disaster recovery aside, businesses in today’s very digital landscape need to have comprehensive IT solutions to solve for and support some of their most important business challenges.  

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How Do I Choose the MSP That's Right for My Business?

The most important thing to consider when looking for an IT partner is trust. You need an MSP with a “zero trust” approach to cybersecurity that you can completely trust to keep you productive and more secure. It’s important that your MSP puts the time and effort into understanding your business, your goals, and your unique IT challenges.  

AllConnceted designed its tailored IT solutions around the industries it serves, ensuring each of our clients gets the individual attention they need to help meet their business goals and has the capabilities necessary to address their unique IT challenges. A CPA’s needs are different than a school district’s or a hospital’s, and their IT solutions should be delivered with that in mind 

“Trust isn’t something we at AllConnected expect. It’s something we have to earn every day, every month, and every year.”​
Alan McDonald
CEO and President, AllConnected

AllConnected provides its clients with an IT business unit — or a specific specialization — with various team members and disciplines to help ensure today’s more sophisticated IT requirements are met.  A key goal of AllConnected is that every managed client feels the company really is a part of their team, working together to improve productivity, security, and availability.  

Every AllConnected Solution is Designed to...


AllConnected puts dozens of hours into analyzing data as well as planning and preparing recommendations for every significant project the company delivers and managed service it offers.


Enterprise networking is a core expertise of AllConnected, and it has been for more than 20 years. Whether it’s supporting remote workers or implementing a complex multi-site hybrid cloud deployment, connectivity is key, and it’s built into the AllConnected name.


This year alone, AllConnected has added three new security services to its portfolio and added two security services to existing managed services. Beyond that, we have always prioritized Disaster Recovery planning and testing for our clients.

Who Should Consider an AllConnected Solution?

Businesses that value a longterm partnership with a local organization whose team members have a passion for learning and innovation within the information technology field will feel right at home with AllConnected as their managed service provider and total technology partner. 

AllConnected is local and specializes in certain areas, and the company also has built tight partnerships worldwide to implement nearly any technology solution its clients may require.  In particular, organizations concerned about reducing cybersecurity risks, and those that value sitting down quarterly for a business meeting to ensure their IT gives their business a competitive edge will benefit immensely from an AllConnected solution. 

The Cost Factor

Going with an MSP for your IT needs is also much less expensive than building your own IT infrastructure and staffing a support team. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can just buy one that will get you where you need to go efficiently and securely; that way, you can just focus on driving your business forward. 

How Does AllConnected Actually Make Sure My Solution Fits My Specific Needs?

AllConnected operates off an assessment and consultation process to ensure your business goals and security are top priority. 

Beyond that, our Technical Account Managers meet with clients quarterly for technical business reviews to make sure the technology in place aligns with the business goals. 

Each solution delivered by AllConnected is also routinely tested using simulated events, ethical hacking, and other techniques to make sure that the solution promised is the solution clients receive.

How Do I Know My AllConnected IT Solution Will Make My Information as Secure, Available, and Recoverable as Possible?

The unfortunate reality of cybersecurity is that there is no failproof system. No one is ever 100% safe, not even federal agencies with access to the most advanced technology out there. However, AllConnected will deliver IT solutions to make your business as secured as possible, using our advanced security suite and routine testing. 

AllConnected delivers on its promises. To ensure a solution and strategy is built to work, AllConnected engineers and technical account managers test every solution the company has in place for its clients, often internally deploying systems and services before we resell them Quarterly business reviews allow the AllConnected team to stay on top of your business needs.

Additionally, AllConnected prioritizes employee training for your team, which can often times be the weakest link in terms of cybersecurity.

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