Security. Internet Filtering.

How effective is a burglar alarm if it is not armed? Just as bad, what if no action is taken when an intrusion occurs or when sensors fail to operate? Is it really protecting your home, car, or business? Statistically a network intrusion or compromise is much more likely to occur, yet so many businesses do not take proper precautions.

How secure is your network?

The large majority of networks today are unprotected against thousands of potential threats. Much like a physical break-in, your business is always at risk and you generally never know when or how you will be affected. It is important to protect your company’s digital assets from internal and external threats.

Not only do we install and keep your security solution up to date, but we keep an eye on it constantly. In the event your firewall fails, we dispatch our team to immediately repair or replace the unit, ensuring that your network stays protected, and securely connected.

Security and remote access

Today’s dependence on the Internet, Email, and cloud-based services requires a comprehensive approach to managing content and security. Our managed security service ensures 24×7 defense against thousands of threats and a proactive approach ensures that applications are properly prioritized and managed.

Content filtering, automated ISP failover, secure remote access, and site-to-site VPNs are also available to ensure employees can work productively and securely from anywhere.

Did you know?

Spam now exceeds 90% of all email, with billions traversing the globe each year.
Content filtering and anti-virus / malware signatures can grow at a rate of up to 10,000 per day.
Content filtering services’ database has millions of signatures.
3-4 new IPS signatures are released every day.
Thousands of intrusion advisories are issued every year.
Multiple spyware threats are identified each day.
SonicWALL adds 30-80 new Gateway anti-virus signatures every week.