Business Owner Challenges

Are you a CEO or CFO challenged with running an organization with 5 to 100 users? Our smartConnect service includes components for complete ‘keyboard-to-cloud’ IT support for a fixed monthly fee. Our premier IT support program includes:

Scheduled strategic planning meetings ensure technology supports your business growth
Network and Cloud best practice implementation
Centralized security, monitoring, and backup services
Fast response from our team of certified experts
Easy access to our 24×7 help desk
Mitigation of Risk
Our services, processes, and recommended network+systems architecture are designed to prevent the three most difficult issues that can impact your business. Our methodology is to Prevent Data Loss with complete recovery programs, Prevent Security Breaches, and Eliminate unscheduled Downtime.
Measurable Results
Less downtime, more stable infrastructure, and long term planning that helps your business to be more competitive in today’s demanding and changing environment. With this comprehensive solution in place, your organization will run more effectively, securely, and productively.

The Components of our Complete IT Program, smartConnect

AllConnected’s smartConnect program consists of the following major components: (1) Strategic, (2) Infrastructure, and (3) Support components. Each critical area is combined into a single program designed to ensure that Information Technology aligns with the strategic goals of your company.

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Every solution starts with a no cost consultation!  Our IT Support Experts are here to help.

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