DRaaS: Be Prepared and Recover in as Little as 15 Minutes

AllConnected has been assisting organizations to prepare for the unexpected since 2007. Every year that passes, client expectations and regulatory compliance requirements seem to increase; and our tolerance for downtime decreases. Disasters can come from anywhere, and strike at anytime. Our mission is to protect the reputation of your business by ensuring you are properly prepared with a tested DRaaS plan.

Your Business Requires a Unique Recovery Solution

Every business has varying infrastructure, recovery objectives, compliance requirements, and IT resources.  AllConnected specializes in developing a custom disaster recovery runbook to ensure your team can quickly execute a simulated or actual recovery.

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  • Off site back up and recovery is only a part of your recovery plan, click here to read about FEMAu2019s recommendations and how to be prepared holistically.

Your Infrastructure – Physical vs Virtual, Network, branch locations, Hybrid Cloud, Operating Systems, Applications, Phones, and distributed workforces vary business by business.

Your Objectives – The dependence on applications, databases, and information vary, so do their recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Your Regulatory Compliance Requirements – Regulations defined by HIPAA, FINRA, PCI, FISMA, GLBA , and others have varying requirements for security, recoverability, testing, and auditing.  These requirements influence the recovery plan needed for each business.

Your Runbook – AllConnected assists by building a Disaster Recovery Runbook that is customized for your business requirements and ensures that your recovery (whether simulated or actual) works as expected, every time.

Your Team – Assuring business recovery is what we do.  AllConnected’s DR experts can become an extension of your existing IT team, providing the expertise needed to execute regular disaster recovery tests, and to rely on in the event of an actual disaster.

Every solution starts with a no cost consultation! Our Disaster Recovery Experts are here to help.

Test Often

“Quite simply, a plan which has not been tested cannot be assumed to work” – FIPS Pub 87

IT environments and teams change, and as they do, the likelihood you can recover within your defined RPO & RTO will be affected.  The more regular testing is done, the more familiar your team will be with the procedures.  AllConnected’s Disaster Recovery Experts work with your team to fully test your managed DRaaS plan at least once a year.

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