Backup Enterprise Cloud 

AllConnected’s cloud backup and recovery platform utilizes technology from Asigra and Veeam, both leaders in ensuring recoverability of virtualized and physical servers.

First, we assess the retention requirements and data sets that require protection within your organization.  This includes the machine types, operating systems, and retention required for each data sets.  Next, a backup and recovery plan is built that contains the data sets, inclusions, exclusions, and retention requirements for each backup set.

Deployment includes the installation of the proper on-premise appliance to ensure all data is first protected locally for fast LAN-speed recoverability and then seeded either over the wire or through Fed Ex or a local courier.   All data is encrypted in transit and at rest in one or two remote SSAE-16/SAS70 datacenters to ensure recoverability in the event that the primary data repository is not available for recovery.

Ongoing operation includes the services of our NOC team, who continually monitor all scheduled backup jobs to ensure successful completion.  In the event that a backup job fails, we escalate to the appropriate team.  Our goal is to ensure that proper protection of your data is never at risk.

Recoverability doesn’t end when data and images are written to disk.  The following data integrity and consistency check functionalities are embedded into the AllConnected’s solution to ensure data restorability:

Continuous Integrity Checks
Some solutions can only ‘identify corrupt data’. Our “Autonomic Healing“ process checks links between the encrypted data blocks, comparing digital signatures between different components for inconsistencies. If corrupted data is uncovered, it is marked as corrupted and automatically repaired. This automated, 24×7 check ensures that the data is always recoverable in case of a disaster.
Restore Validation
This is an ad-hoc or scheduled simulation that conducts an entire data restore to a temporary location to ensure data restorability. Think of it as the data restore dry run to prepare for actual recovery.
Ensures Data is Consistent Before Permanent Storage
Our process writes all the data being backed up off-site to a temporary location and then checks and ensures that all the data has arrived and is consistent before storing it. Our additional checks make sure your data is recoverable.
Backing Up the Configuration Database Daily
This ensures that if the recovery appliance or backup configuration is lost it can easily be rebuilt with the appropriate backup structure.