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What We can do for You


your business, your people, and your technology plan to ensure IT grows with
your business.

Time, Energy, Research

Our sales team and engineers put countless hours and 110% of their energy into the research and recommendations they provide for our clients. Whether it's a specific project involving IT infrastructure like an off-premise data center, or it's a managed service like our MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services -- AllConnected's team of experts makes sure our clients' businesses are prepared for survival and know their IT strategy and how it fits into their business goals. Plus, the technical business reviews we conduct with our customers on a quarterly basis ensure our clients know their IT is working for them.


your team to the tools and resources they need to continue business operations, even while staying safe at home.   

Network, Teamwork

It has been part of our mission to connect people to technology for more than 20 years. Our clients rely on our hybrid and private cloud solutions, our NOC services, our help desk support, and the other products we supply to boost connectivity and productivity throughout their businesses.  In 2021, as many have continued transitioning to the remote workforce due to the Covid-19 pandemic, connectivity is more important and more relevant now than ever before. From our partnership with Cisco and their line of products designed to improve the connection employees have to their office space (no matter how far away they are), to our partnership with Microsoft and the Office 365 suite so many of us are already familiar with -- we at AllConnected will help keep your team not only connected to one another, but also as productive as possible. 


your business data and your clients’ sensitive information from cybersecurity threats and other potential disasters. 

Security, Recovery

It's core to our business that organizations are secure and always recoverable, no matter what. That's why we put such a strong emphasis on security and our DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).  We put many steps and methodologies in place for our clients when we help them to develop a security strategy to make sure their information is always as safe and recoverable as possible. And... We TEST our solutions and our recovery plans with our clients to make sure they work. There's no point in having a plan if it's going to fail you when you need it most. Earthquakes, fires, and malware -- we'll help protect you against all of it.  Our partnerships with vendors like Barracuda and Perch have recently expanded our suite of security tools at our clients' disposal, so let's talk. We'll find you the right IT security approach for you and your organization. 

With an AllConnected IT Solution, you get peace of mind knowing your information is more secure and recoverable, anytime and anywhere.

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Who We Serve

Your business is unique, and your goals are specific and based off the work you do and the clients you serve — we understand that. 

AllConnected specializes in specific industries, delivering comprehensive IT solutions to businesses based on their unique technology needs, compliance regulations within their industry, and the 7-layer NIST Cybersecurity Framework. 

Need help determining your IT needs based on your business?

How We Deliver IT

We are ready to be your total IT partner, and we have the tools to back it up. 

From NOC and SOC services, to disaster recovery and advanced security, to our help desk support and employee training — we have what you need to prepare your IT strategy, connect your team and technology, and protect your business from potential threats.

AllConnected has a deep bench of experts, technology, and proven processes for delivering advanced IT solutions to our clients. The capabilities we offer to those who choose to implement an AllConnected solution combine top industry resources with our process of consultation, implementation, and testing. Each capability can be discussed individually or as a component part of one of our IT solutions. 

Need help figuring out which capabilities are the most important for achieving your business and IT goals?

Why Choose AllConnected

Our team consists of IT experts: engineers, technical account managers, customer support representatives, and our devoted leadership team. 

We work based off five core values:

  • We’re in this together
  • “Wow” is everyone’s job
  • Our passion to learn and innovate
  • Never give up, never surrender
  • Preparedness


Everyone at AllConnected is dedicated to solving your business’ unique information technology needs.

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What Our Clients Say About AllConnected

Angela Tietze
Angela TietzePresident, Entertainment Communications Network, Inc. (ECN)
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"We have trusted AllConnected with our systems, hardware, and software solutions for eight years because they not only understand the intricacies of the underlying technologies; they get the big picture."
Jose Garcia
Jose GarciaBel-Air Investment Advisors
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"AllConnected did an outstanding job in executing their very detailed project plan in a timely manner, making our transition to a virtual infrastructure. I highly recommend AllConnected! We look forward to working with AllConnected for years to come."
Cindy Boyle
Cindy BoyleSimi Surgery Center
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"The staff at AllConnected are knowledgeable and respectful. They always ask the right questions to assist us without making me feel like a non-IT person. Their facility is high tech with multiple layers of security. I have and will continue to refer other businesses to AllConnected."