Fully Managed/Outsourced IT

If You Wanted to Work in IT You Would Have Gone into IT

Focus on your industry and outsource your IT requirements to the specialists. The right Managed Service Provider (MSP) will not only implement, monitor, and manage your IT infrastructure, but also help you develop a long-term strategy to maximize your technology budget. 

Focus on Your Business Goals

And let a qualified MSP like AllConnected focus on your IT goals. 

Why You Should Consider Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Talent Pool

A deep bench of IT specialists enables you to stay current (saving you time and money training or hiring staff)

Economies of Scale

Our established infrastructure and technologies mean you can benefit from superior systems at lower cost

Escalation Resources

In an emergency, we have additional resources to support your environment immediately

Consider AllConnected for Your Managed IT Services

AllConnected is a full-service managed services provider with over 20 years of experience specializing in IT infrastructure, data backup and recovery, cloud infrastructure, security services and support.

What kinds of Services Can Managed IT provide?

Your organizations needs will dictate the kind of IT outsourcing you choose. Certain IT providers emphasize particular disciplines (IT security, disaster recovery), technologies (cloud infrastructure, telecommunications), or brand products (Cisco, HP Nimble, Microsoft Office 365) but Managed IT services typically include: 

Remote Management & Monitoring

24/7/365 device monitoring, ticketing system, antivirus, reporting & more 

Full-Service IT Help Desk

Covers remote management and monitorin + server and email maintenance, security patching, application support and incident management. 

On-Site Engineering Services

Covers remote management and monitoring as well as IT help support + preemptive maintenance, desktop and infrastructure support/resolutions, optimized uptime, and more with on-site physical support. 

Technical Account Management/vCIO

Develop a technology roadmap tailored to the needs of your organization based on best industry practices or regulatory compliance requirements 

What to Look for in an MSP

The right MSP for your organization should have a proven track record of:


A full-service provider that can optimize your IT environment using the most effective tools available 


A support team able to respond immediately to threats to achieve the highest possible uptime 


Escalation Points and Account Managers that anticipate potential risks and recommend solutions for the growing needs of your organization

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